There鈥檚 no other word of a Queen throughout Chapter 1, but in Chapter 2, she鈥檚 our main antagonist. ( WON鈥橳 BE FULLY PROVEN UNTIL CHAPTERS 3, 4 AND 5 DROP IN LIKE 10 YEARS OR SOMETHIN ) Spamton tells us about a certain man called Mike, who may have been the one to make Spamton a 鈥淏ig Shot鈥.
Oct 31, 2018 路 Chapter 2 is a parade of hilarious character moments that build upon the best parts of Chapter 1. The moment-to-moment gameplay that satirizes the 16-bit minigames of SNES RPGs never falters in quality and never omits an opportunity for characters to shine. Name me one bad character from Chapter 2, it's going to be a short list if it exists at all.