Amavasai 2021 - அம்மாவாசை. Amavasai occur every month depends on the moon position. The amavasai will occur sometime twice the English month. Bellow mentioned dates are current month amavasai dates. Month wise Amavasai details and list 2021 given.
1) Masa Sankramam day-Sun's entry to new sign, 2) Parent's Sradha/Thithi day. 3) Day before the Sradha/Thithi. 4) During impure days (Asoucha/Pula/Theettu), 5) Birth day. 6) Prathama Thithi. 7) Ashtami Thithi 8) Navami Thithi 9) Ekadasi Thithi. 10) Chathurdasi Thithi. 11) Poornima Thithi. 12) Amavasya Thithi. 13) Tuesdays and 14) Saturdays.